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Kody - Summer 2006

Kody is 105 pounds, soft coat (long hair) but carries medium coat genes.  He is gray/white with a large head and deep/wide chest.  He has markings under his eyes, but also carries open face genes.  He is best matched with a shorter coat female with an open face to produce medium coats and a variation of face markings.  Kody is a clown and the sweetest male you'll ever meet.  He is definitely NOT an alpha dog - he is a follower not a leader.   Kody is available for stud service (proven) - $500.00 "Donation".  Potential bitches must have full akc papers, current on shots, vet checked, hip and eye clearances.  Pedigrees will be checked.  The mating will take place on my premises.  Call with questions! 

Kody - May 2008

Kody - King of our backyard!

Kody just wants his belly rubbed!

Kody "The Burr Boy" Romanek
* See Story Below!

Knightmutes' Kodiak Bear  (proven) is available for stud service.  $500.00
Pedigree:  Knightmutes' Kodiak Bear ws05996312 GR&WH
                   AKC DNA #V307392
                   C.E.R.F. AM-2322N - 2005
                   OFA - Good
Sire:                                                                             Dam:
  Knightmute-Nikos Benson's Semper Fi           Knightmutes' I'm Already There
  WP95754401 GR&WH                                                  WR02390302 SL&WH
Sire:                                                                              Sire:
  CH Terrapin's Against All Odds                      CH Nikos Shadow's Arctic Outlaw
   WP62294601 OFA29E GR&WH                                 WP38087903 OFA26G CERF44   
   DNA#V222032                                                           WLFGR&WH
Dam:                                                                              Dam:
  CH Knightmute's Ropin' The Wind                   Nikos' That Don't Impress Me Much
  WP48108001OFA24G CERF33 GR&WH                      WP88704003 GR&WH
Sire:                                                                              Sire:
  CH Storm Kloud's Fortune O' Kasaan            Wilmac's Me and My Shadow
  WF674648 SL&WH                                                   WG448547 WLFGR&WH
Dam:                                                                              Dam:
  CH Byeyo's Champagne 'n Ice CD                  Knightmutes Frosty Night
  WP37322801 CERF96 GR&WH                                 WF976258 BLK&WH
Sire:                                                                              Sire:
  Wilmac's Me and My Shadow                          CH Nikos' Maukee of Knightmute
  WG448547 WLFGR&WH                                         WP52870201 OFA24E CERF25
                                                                                            GR&WH DNA#v202419
Dam:                                                                              Dam:
  Knightmutes Frosty Night                                Nikos Benson's Rock My World
  WF976258 BLK&WH                                                WP76850903 SLVR&WH

Click here for Kody's breeder's website!

Look at this sweet face!!!

Note:  We gave up trying to get Kody to stand still in the "show ring stance", so these are the best shots we can get.  Everytime I try to get him to stand, he just rolls onto his back for me to rub his tummy!!!  Of course, he's too big for me to "force" a stance, so grabbing his cheeks was the best that I could do!!  P.S.  I look like I am missing teeth!....I really do have teeth - yeee hawwwww!

Kody (10weeks) - very muddy..."Can I come in?"

*Story behind the above picture:  Kody like bunny.  Bunny run in woods.  Kody run in woods.  Bunny gets away.  Kody come back with BURRS! (Look closely to the picture - His tail is even stuck to his butt by burrs!) You gotta love him!!